Electrim-2000 provides the complete package of design services including preliminary project development, feasibility study, project development, detailed design, approval of design documentation and expertise.

Types of works: new construction, major repairs, reconstruction of industrial and transport infrastructure, residential and public buildings

Complete package of design services
  • Internal and external engineering systems ( Electricity supply, electrical equipment and electric lighting,
    Water supply and sewage system,
    Ventilation and air conditioning,
    Firefighting system,
    Building automation and control system (BMS),
    Automation control system of technological processes,
    CCTV monitoring)
  • Transforming substations and electric power transmission lines up to 35 kW
  • Solar power stations
Компания «Электрим-2000»

Due to the application of the innovation technology BIM (Building Information Modeling) we create a visual information 3D-model of the object. The customer has the opportunity to see how the object will look like before construction begins. Correction of any parameter automatically alters the other related parameters: drawings, visualizations, specifications, project schedule. The technology allows to find out the most ergonomic and optimal solutions.

Design engineers of various engineering systems have the opportunity to work simultaneously in one single information model, which significantly reduces the time and improves the accuracy of the design.

Проектные решения для бизнеса
Design solutions
for business

The vast experience in design works for enterprises of various industries, application of own developments and innovative technologies make it possible to offer to the customer the most effective and energy-saving solution.

For detailed discussion and agreement on the proposed solutions the leading expert meets with the customer at the customer’s construction site.

We form a single database for the project, which simplifies the search and monitoring of equipment in the process of its operation.

Минимизация затрат

The errors in design lead to unplanned costs at later stages of the work, in particular during the construction and operation of the object.

Checking the intersections in engineering networks and architectural elements at the design stage enables to avoid downtime, “field installation”, which significantly reduces the construction time.

3D-design enables to form the most accurate budget. The customer gets the opportunity to plan the procurement processes in advance and control the spending of budget at all project stages.

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