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K. Kuznetsov
Director Bessarabia, PE
Management of the company always contributes into finding the best solution for any issues arising in the course of project. We are completely satisfied with the results of cooperation and would recommend to everybody who is interested to work with a reliable supplier of electric equipment.
V. Zhilnikov
Chief Engineer Sea Port «Oktyabrsk»
The works have been performed from November 2014 till December 2014 and finished with good quality and within contract terms. All works have been done in accordance with the requirements, regulations, and standards currently in force for these types of works.
V. Kosikova
Director Silent Develop Ltd.
Electrim-2000, Ltd. showed itself as a responsible and qualified contractor. Due to the high professional level of the company's employees all works and technical tasks have been fulfilled with the quality and within time frames. All works are executed in accordance with the standards and requirements of the current legislation. We hope for further cooperation and realization of projects and we would recommend Electrim-2000 Ltd. as a reliable partner.
O. Klock
Director Tehnopark LZTA, Ltd.
The company can be characterized as a flexible, efficient in solving of technical issues, initiative and operative, striving for constant development and improvements, and ready to find solutions in the most complicated cases. Tehnopark LZTA, Ltd recommends Electrim-2000, Ltd. as a potential contractor for the realization of the similar scope of works.
V. Grachev
Director Yuzhstroy Ltd.
O. Chistyakov
Chief Engineer Tobacco Company V.A.T.- Priluki, PJSC
We would like to emphasize that our enterprise cooperates with Electrim-2000 Ltd. since year 2004 on large complex projects related to works in energy sector. And the results have always been positive. The high level of expertise of the professional staff starts from the design works of the appropriate level, flexibility and ability to propose and develop the optimal technical solutions for solving technical problems, timely delivery of up-to-date electrical equipment, and includes commissioning, start-up and testing works. We always received the prompt response to any questions that arose in the course of projects.
L. Ushakova
Director Mykolaiv Secondary School No.53
The company Electrim-2000 Ltd. has proved to be a responsible contractor that performs contract obligations in a timely manner and with a special focus on the quality control, labor and safety protection. All works have been performed in accordance with the state regulations and standards applied for such types of works.
Mykolaiv Secondary School No.16
Administration of Mykolaiv Secondary School No.16 is sincerely grateful to the management of Electrim-2000, Ltd and to the employees that have done the repairing and reconstruction works in the school for their reliability, qualified works, attention to all issues aroused during the performance, decency and loyalty. The works have been done without interruption of the school process. We hope for the further cooperation for the benefits of our children.
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